STōK Social

Through a strategic blend of brand storytelling, user-generated content, and platform optimization, Urban Canvas seeks to foster a vibrant online community for an iconic cold brew coffee brand.

The Ask

Create engaging, best in class, strategic social media video assets that entertain the masses while simultaneously helping to grow brand awareness and account growth in a quickly changing competitive market.

The solve.

On average our posts generated and increase by over 100% compared to the brands the previous social media campaign attempts.

Client feedback.

I have worked with Urban Canvas across several brands and diverse projects. From complete website design to digital assets to diving into TikTok, they have been incredible partners through it all. I came to them with an aspirational organic social media strategy for TikTok and they knocked it out of the park. Through Urban Canvas’s visionary lens, we crafted talent-forward, relatable, and humorous Tik Tok content for SToK Cold Brew Coffee. Each production cycle, Urban Canvas came to us with on-trend and on brand ideas to entertain our audience on Tik Tok. To my surprise, this content also performed incredibly well on Instagram, surpassing our average incremental reach by over 100%. Through this work together, we’ve been able to form deeper connections with our audience, make them laugh, and produce some awesome content. Working with Urban Canvas is always a positive experience as they address challenges with positivity and out of the box thinking. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them for social media asset creation.
Aubrey Mason Social Media Manager, Danone Enterprise Brands