Creatures of Light

A glowing campaign for an exhibit that shines light on extraordinary bioluminescent organisms throughout the world.
Campaign concepting Copywriting Out of home

The ask.

Entice visitors to see some of the most magical, wondrous, and truly extraordinary creatures and phenomena to be found in the natural world.

Target audience: a family-oriented, experience-seeking mom, who seeks entertaining and educational experiences for her young kids in the comfort of a safe environment.

The solve.

From radiant jellyfish dropping beats of visual brilliance to swarms of fireflies flickering in a song of sparkle, Creatures of Light glow in a symphony of natural rhythm. We paired popular lyrics about light with larger-than-life photography to create a campaign that shows why these instrumental bioluminescent creatures shine like rock stars.

The results.


Over expected sales

The most illuminating news of all? This exhibit opened 251% over expected sales goals with this wildly successful campaign.