Shape Of Dreams

Creating an emmersive experience that questions our reality through the one and only Salvador Dali
Campaign concepting Social media videos Animation

The ask.

Partnering with several artists in this unique exhibit Shape of Dreams explores over five centuries of paintings inspired by and created with the shared consciousness of dreams.
We were tasked with creating a stand out exhibit that was as strange and mystical as it's artists influences.

The solve.

We positioned Dalí in the act of dreaming. The artist’s soft, lowered lids suggest the gentle drift of slumber, but a watchful “third eye” and eerily bright clouds above signal something else entirely.

Infused with a faintly nostalgic, mysterious sensibility, this campaign summons the curious with an invitation to explore the endless mystery of dreams.

The results.

Between the mysteriousness of the campaign visuals and recognition of Dali himself this campaign appealed to both locals and tourists alike and is one of the top performing exhibits to launch to date.