Wildmade Snacks

A mom-and-pop snack brand gets a wildly vibrant new site.
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The ask.

Founders John and Lisa worked in farms across Europe before settling in Boulder and deciding to bring veggies to the fruit snacks game, with irresistible results.

We were tasked with overhauling their less-than-irresistible e-commerce site with a focus on the brand story, streamlined shopping experience, and building equity in their branding.

The solve.

We designed a site as vibrant and delightful as the snacks themselves. The site now tells the snacking story with a strong focus on the reasons to believe and a new section called “The Go Life,” where the founder (and certified nutrition guru) shares her secrets with Wildmade fans. Most importantly, the shopping experience makes it a breeze for users to stock their cabinets full of these sustainable snacks.

The Results

141%Sales increase

The news we’re most wild about? After the launch of this site, sales at Whole Foods jumped by 141%. We’ll snack to that.