Honest to Goodness

A thoughtfully sourced plant-based creamer gets a new website worthy of it's ingredients.
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The ask.

With a new product and blank slate we set out to design a site that was simple, easy to navigate, and engaging enough for new consumers to want to stay and explore more.

We were also tasked with highlighting the origin story of Honest to Goodness from the islands of Madagascar to the hills of the Himalayas.

The solve.

We brought the product story to life with bursts of tropical flourishes and maps to display the ingredient origins. Rich colors, natural textures, and plenty of palm leaves tie in to the packaging and help build equity for this bright new brand's future.

Client feedback.

Urban Canvas was amazing to work with! Creating a new website from scratch was no easy task, but they were great partners in figuring out any obstacle that came our way - from design kickoff to development.
Taylor Bookstaff Associate Marketing Manager, Integrated Marketing