NoFo Brew Co Beer Can Designs

An epic transformation of NoFo Brew Co & Distillery's beer cans, which now wholeheartedly embrace their motto: "Tap Your Adventurous Side".
Package design Illustration Branding Swag

The ask.

Create a beloved new set of crowlers that earn the enthusiastic appreciation of NoFo Brew Co & Distillery's modern adventurer clientele.

The solve.

Taking inspiration from NoFo's team, customers, and our own passion for the great outdoors, we created a set of brightly illustrated new beer can labels. Each crowler has unique features in the typography, color scheme and scene, but together they all present one unified, adventure-loving voice.

Client feedback.

The team at Urban Canvas is unbelievably talented and amazing to work with. They put heart and soul into every design and continue to truly push our brand forward.
Eliana Barnard Director of Marketing | NoFo Brew Co